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8 indirect, nonverbal ways of communicating

This is where an understanding of psychology is helpful.  As a counsellor, for instance, I get a lot of information from the following ways people communicate nonverbally. Together with what’s being verbalised, it helps to build a fuller picture of what’s actually going on:

  1. Forgetting a date that’s important to someone else
  2. Not arriving for a date/occasion/appointment when you’re expected
  3. Ignoring someone
  4. 'Using' someone
  5. Not helping someone when you could
  6. Going out of your way to help someone
  7. Removing or exhibiting signs of your rank before talking to someone of a lower (or higher) rank
  8. Dressing up or dressing down for an occasion or event - to fit in, impress, stand out or disrespect

There are lots of other things that give out information about yourself, including…

  • The kind of books you read
  • The way you dress
  • The programmes you watch
  • The magazines you subscribe to
  • The websites you visit
  • The organisations you belong to

Your possessions – or things you’d like to own – also communicate without you uttering a word. Things like your house, your car, your gadgets, your furniture… generally your taste in pretty much everything!